TO SLEEP OUT OR NOT TO SLEEPOUT (Thankfully they did)
15 MAY 2017

                                                       Participants braving the cold at Shakespeare Sleepout in Stratford.

On 7th April 2017 28 people from Stratford slept out in the grounds of King Edwards VI school to raise money for us and the amazing Stratford Samaritans.

We have been working together in the fantastic Tyler House Hub in Stratford.  This was the first time this event has taken place and raised much needed funds for both our causes.  For those of you who have never taken part in a sleepout, this involves sleeping out with nothing but a sleeping bag and a cardboard box.  The idea is to recreate what many experience each night when they have to sleep out on the streets, but in as safe an environment as possible.  Whilst raising awareness and gaining experience of the realities of sleeping out, these participants are raising money so we can continue our work to make sure this is not a reality for many people.

We got in touch with Jonathan Gullis who participated in the Shakespeare Sleepout:

"The Shakespeare Sleepout was a huge success. To see people from all different backgrounds to come together and raise awareness and funds for both St Basils and Stratford Samaritans. The work done by St Basils is crucial to ensure the most vulnerable in our society are protected and educated about the challenges they may face. I hope this will raise awareness to people in and around Stratford-upon-Avon who may not know the full extent of the issue in South Warwickshire and that we exceed our targets in participants and raising funds in next year's Sleepout."

The participants so far have managed to raise around £2000.  Great achievement. We would like to thank all those who took part and all those that sponsored.

With the success of our first ever sleepout in Stratford – we will be looking to plan the next one very, very soon. 

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