We have moved!
29 JUN 2015

All of St Basils head office departments moved location during June 2015 from the Arch offices positioned between Floodgate Street and Heath Mill Lane around the corner to 71-75 Allcock street, and much Allcock st beforecloser to St Basils other Head Office teams.

71-75 Allcock Street is adjacent to St Basils Head Office staff carpark. St Basils already has offices at the back of the church behind this new building and as well as substantial long term cost savings, this relocation has meant that all of St Basils Head Office staff could be on one site.

A wall has been taken down creating a walkway from the courtyard behind the new building. This has meant easy movement for staff between the three buildings which includes St Basils Youth Hub, the single point of access for all services to homeless young people in Birmingham.

The move has been a year in the planning and a full refurbishment was needed of the building which had been empty for some time. The advantage of this ‘clean slate’ was that we could design our own layout which would make the best use of space whilst ensuring it was suited to staff needs and fully fit for purpose. Following a  staff consultation it was identified that there needed to be greater provision for private meeting space and with a large empty space at the back of the building, 4 meeting rooms and a large training room has been created. A large open plan office has also been created in this area making the best use of the space available. This space has been cleverly designed to ensure natural light still filters through from the skylights using clear glass tiles in the dropped ceiling.Allcock st after

Other improvements have ensured that this new building is as energy efficient as possible and two large sheds in the courtyard area have also been fully refurbished to ensure they are water tight and can be used as storage, creating further savings on Archiving costs.



St Basils would like to commend the firm ‘Bay6’ who helped with the office move.

Paul Wilkins Relocation Project team lead (pictured with Bay6) said “Despite all the meticulous planning and numerous meetings on the actual day of the moves we found 85% had been planned while 15% was reaction; where we needed to be fluid to respond to situations. On this Bay6 were excellent – with nothing being too much trouble. This ‘can do’ attitude Bay6 demonstrated got us through every situation, they went well beyond the remit to simply move office furniture. I can’t thank them enough”.

Bay6 aswell as being the removal contractors also supplied the office furniture at a lower price than local furniture reclaimations companies, and they have taken our unwanted furniture to sell on our behalf at commercial values. An income to St Basils not available from any other office furniture supplier.

Furthermore Bay6 have been helping to improve the courtyard area with some pot plants, creating attractive and robust holders from planks of wood and varnishing them to give them a smart appearance. They offered to do this at no extra cost. They really have gone above and beyond and we can highly recommend them.      

The relocation head office project team would also like to thank our partners and stakeholders for their patience, the contractors who worked tirelessly and most of all the staff involved in the move for their cooperation and support.

You can check out our new location here: http://www.stbasils.org.uk/contact-us/ Simply zoom in on the map.