West Midlands Fire Service pilots Home Fire Safety programme with 9 young people
31 OCT 2014

Nine young people got to take part in a comprehensive training programme at West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) which included Home Fire Safety Awareness, Emergency First Aid and Food Hygiene and Preparation as well as a number of other topics, to provide a comprehensive overview of the safety awareness and skills needed for independent living.

The young people also took part in Fire Service team building activities (pictured) where they got to dress as firemen.

The Fire Safety Awareness Programme came out of collaboration between St Basils Youth Engagement and Health & Safety Officers and Carol Morgan, Community Risk Reduction Officer- Youth Lead for WMFS.

Youth Engagement Officer Sam Henry said: 

“Carol Morgan, Youth lead for WMFS, was very keen to promote Fire Safety awareness to all of our residents and proposed this programme as a pilot. If successful she would look for funding to roll it out across all St Basils projects in Birmingham”. 

“It was very successful all nine passed their EFAW Course with one young man scoring full marks on the written test”.

“We will now be hosting an evaluation meeting with all the participants with a view to getting it established as part of a new module within St Basils accredited Life Skills Programme.”