Young People produce 2016 calendar of their photos to raise funds for St Basils
20 NOV 2015

Thanks to the assistance of a number of local supporters, Trusts and the expert teaching of a local professional photographer, eight young people currently living in St Basils accommodation projects, have produced a 2016 calendar of their photos, choosing their favourites to fit the theme ‘Our Birmingham’.

These young people participated in workshops which took place recently over a 4 week period from September to October and included teaching time looking at the composition of shots, as well as techniques shooting in manual modes to make photos come alive including tips on shutter speed, ISO, aperture, exposure and the balance between them. Each workshop, led by professional photographer David J Perkins, also included a trip to nearby locations so that the young people could explore the techniques they had just learnt. Therefore the photos feature some well-known Birmingham Landmarks, including The Botanical Gardens, The Custard Factory, The Bullring and New Street Station, and range from bare honesty to more artistic shots, aiming to inspire or comment on life in Birmingham.

One hundred of these calendars will be going on sale shortly and will be sold alongside festive items other St Basils young people have made at the German Market when St Basils staff and young people take over Willmott Dixon’s stall, week commencing 30th November.

One St Basils resident, Amber, 19, who took part in the workshops said:

“I really enjoyed the course! I enjoyed thinking about how to take pictures and being shown how digital cameras work. It showed me that I can do that (take pictures like I see on the internet) and be good at taking pictures.  I got to go to different places in Birmingham that I have never been to before and use different cameras and lens that I have never seen before and learn about framing and composition and how light works.  It was nice to meet other St Basils young people and socialise with people and walk round together. Also I get anxious in crowds and big places and having a camera gave me the confidence to walk round and also to talk to people when they asked me what I was doing. I have never done this before and it really boosted my confidence to be in a situation and feel confident.  I can’t wait to see my pictures on display and show my mum what I have done”.

Our thanks to St Thomas’s Dole Charity, the Blakemore Foundation and an individual supporter for their contributions towards cameras, the workshops and the production of this calendar. Thanks to their support and the assistance of David J Perkins and his printers Callprint, we have been able to produce this calendar at no cost to St Basils.  

We are selling these calendars to our supporters for £5 from our German Market stall (w/c 30th November) so please look out for them!

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