Young people’s stories: Archie, 19
27 APR 2015

Archie, 19, has lived at St Basils 7 months. Archie lost a parent along with other key members of his extended family at a young age and was a young carer to the rest of his family before his family support worker suggested he moved out to focus on his own future. Since coming to St Basils staff have supported him to go back to college and get involved in an Arts project, he is Resident Rep where he lives and is on St Basils Youth Council and he also volunteers with a bereavement charity, who helped him when he was younger.

Archie says:

“When I first came to St Basils I lived at Yardley House first and I loved it there, it’s this big old house and it feels just like a family home. Here it’s bigger and there’s three different blocks, there’s a fully supported block and two semi-independent blocks which is what I live in.  I love the staff here but what I have fed back through St Basils Youth Council (SBYC) is that there should be more mental health workers. It's because I raised it with SBYC that I got to take part in a planning session last month for the NHS (pictured below) with the BSC CCG (Birmingham South Central Clinical Commissioning Group) as St Basils Youth Council representative! It was good to be involved."

"Mental Health is something I feel really strongly about, in fact its what I want to do in the future. I want to be a mental health worker for children. Spurgeons advertise employment opportunities every so often and there is on the job training with those.”

“Some people in my family have mental health issues and I was trying to look after everyone but I was starting to think ‘what about my own mental health’? If I can’t be a mental health support worker, I would want to work with Alzheimer’s patients and their carers or young carers whose parents have mental or physical health needs.”

“I want to help people where I am because if everyone did that and helped the people in their little part of the world then that would have a knock-on effect and change the whole world.”

“At the moment I am volunteering with a charity called Edward’s Trust, they help bereaved children with grief and loss. They helped me when I was younger so I wanted to give something back."

“I am also back at college at the moment because I needed a Maths qualification but I’ve since enrolled on an Art course. I find Art is a great outlet for me.”

"Naim (an LSW Support Worker) also got me into an acting role with the Birmingham Opera Company. I did some training to be an actor when I was younger but I thought I was really rusty but I did it and I loved it! Everyone said I was really good at it actually!"

"I’m hoping to move on soon so I’m doing the Life Skills programme. So far I’ve done the alcohol awareness module and I’m learning to cook. I think being here is good in the short term but I don’t want to be here in the long term. I think my flat could start to feel quite small and claustrophobic after a while. That’s why I’m hardly ever in, I like to be out and about doing things, either at college, volunteering so doing activities as part of St Basils Youth Council and hopefully NYRG soon.  I like the company of other people so I’m hoping to move on into a shared house first then maybe get my own house one day”.