Young people’s stories: Former resident Jamayne, 23, now runs his own Corporate Fitness business
03 OCT 2016

Jamayne, 23, has dealt with a lot in his young life, fighting off a life threatening illness and dealing with becoming homeless. He lived at a St Basils project in Bartley Green from 2013-14 and got heavily involved with St Basils Youth Council whilst he was here, heading up the committee for the launch event. He now runs his own business, managing a team of 5. He has returned to give talks to our current young residents on a number of occasions. He says St Basils gave him the encouragement and direction he needed to succeed….     

About Jamayne's business:

“I’ve been working at gyms for several years now and I’m still working part-time with the Gym group which really are the best gym in Birmingham(!) but I just felt I needed to branch out, so took it on myself to do that. I’ve been building up my personal trainer business for a couple of years now and I’ve tried different business models but as I grew in knowledge in the field I wanted to try a new concept. Now I’m working with companies on Employee Productivity Programmes. It’s all about getting a happier healthier lifestyle.

It’s going good. I’ve been talking with a couple of large local businesses who I’ll be starting with soon. There’s two programmes I offer, Boot camp, which is intensive group workshops to help individuals achieve a set short term goal and then the Corporate side, longer term employee programmes. The boot camp is a stepping stone really, its short term and so can act as something of a taster, paving the way to longer term programmes.

I’ve been doing the marketing side of it too as well as delivering the workshops. I’ve got my own website, a DSLR camera and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to share our promos, gym challenges and inspirational quotes to promote the business further.  I try to put different content on different platforms and direct traffic to the website for the full videos. I devote quite a lot of time to it as I think it’s important. It is quite a lot to juggle and I do have a team of 5 helping me out, but no one is as driven as you when it’s your own business. I take it upon myself to do what I have to do. 

I’ve had the vision for a long time but it’s only recently I thought about turning it into a business. I guess that’s where my story is different.

I was exercising a lot when I was younger, I played basketball and rowed for Birmingham and I was a Sports Coach too so I had the fitness but I was lacking the nutrition side and the understanding on that side of healthy living. Suddenly in 2012 I fell seriously ill, I was hospitalised and they thought I might not make it through the night! At the time I got ill I was working in a factory and because I was working long shifts I didn’t really have the time to cook food. I was just living off takeaways and junk food because it was quick and with needing the energy to work out.  I was missing key nutrients from my diet but I wasn’t really aware of that but once I’d worked out for myself what minerals I was missing, I worked out how to correct it and now I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Reflecting on his time at St Basils: 

“St Basils was there for me at a time of need, they helped me to get back on my feet and to make progress. They helped my whole wellbeing. More problems would have come from being homeless, if I hadn’t have had that support.

I got really involved with the Youth Council whilst I was at St Basils and it was really good actually, that role and being part of the Youth Council. It opened my mind to new horizons and I think is the reason I can do what I do now. A lot of that role was meeting lots of different people, including VIPs and important business people and just nothing phases me now!

It gave me direction and the sense that my input could make a difference and that gave me the confidence to pitch ideas. Just the talks I did as part of the Youth Council made a difference as well. I’d never had any public speaking training before I did that but I don’t get butterflies in my stomach now and I don’t get nervous, so again just having the opportunity to do that at that time really helped me. I actually find public speaking very relaxing now! I really enjoy it!

There’s a couple of St Basils workers, Sam and Sienne, who were particularly encouraging, and that motivation has just sparked that drive in me and once it starts, it doesn’t stop.

Now I can see the future and yes it looks pretty good from where I’m standing right now. It feels achievable now. Whereas before I came to St Basils I couldn’t see it and I lacked that direction to find it.

I gave a talk at one of the Youth Council meetings recently and I spoke to the current residents. I said ‘just know what you want to do and make it happen. Its not about how it could happen, just know what you really want for the future. As without that the direction, the drive just isn’t going to come. I know that from experience. It's all about what you want and that goal because once you have that, the rest you can make happen.” 

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