Young supporter donates £500 to St Basils citing Birmingham Spiderman as inspiration
01 JUL 2015

Last week a young supporter who has asked to remain anonymous walked into St Basils and donated £500 to assist our services here to young people. We were struck by this act of kindness particularly as he said he was inspired to do it by the posts of the ‘Birmingham Spiderman’ on Twitter.

In turn we think his act is pretty inspiring too. He said:

“I heard about yourselves through a story on Twitter. I don’t know the Spiderman character personally but you can follow him @Brumspiderman. He posted a link to St Basils saying just give or something like that. I wasn’t aware of how big a problem homelessness is until I saw this story. I started to notice the amount of homeless people there are in Birmingham as I was driving through Birmingham. It kind of depressed me to see that in 2015 this is still a problem. I wanted to make a little difference. Being the month of Ramadan, where as Muslims we have to pay charity or zakat as we call it, I thought it would be a great way to help. As a Muslim I feel there needs to be more done not only from our community but all communities to battle this problem. There are numerous charities that do wonderful work abroad and get lots of aid to places that need it. But sometimes we forget the people closer to home. It is a pleasure to help and I will try my upmost to help in the future.” 

Although we are not quite sure as to the identity of ‘the Birmingham Spiderman’ we have contacted him through Facebook to thank him for the support he has shown St Basils and for his help raising awareness of homelessness both in Birmingham and with audiences much further afield. Here is the reply he posted to his Facebook page: