Young supporters come up with 'CHALLENGE 2016' idea to raise funds for St Basils
14 JAN 2016

This is a great Fundraising idea!

Two of our young supporters, Aoife Hay and Ruby Hodges, both aged 16, have come up with a great fundraising idea and it all centres around the number '2016'. They have pledged to support St Basils over the next 12 months and complete a different challenge every month that will involve the number "2016".

They haven’t decided on 12 challenges as yet but so far their suggestions include:

  • Giving up their phones and social media for 201.6 hours
  • Finding their way home from a destination 20.16 miles away from Birmingham
  • Living on £20.16 worth of food for a week
  • Swimming 201.6 lengths of their local pool
  • Climbing 2016 metres (up and down)

Their fundraising target is also £2016! 

To support them please visit: 

Ruby and Aoife approached St Basils with this idea which they have come up with themselves. Sixteen year old Ruby Hodges said:

"We are very keen to raise some money for St Basils. I think the work is truly incredible".

We would like thank Ruby and Aoife for their support and for being brave enough to take on a challenge of this scale! We wish Ruby and Aoife the best of luck with their 2016 challenges through-out the year. 

We will be tracking their progress and providing updates on their challenges via our facebook page and supporter enewsletter.

Photo: Ruby and Aoife (L-R)

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January challenge successfully completed!