Young Supporters share video of mini challenges completed for February 'Challenge 2016' Fundraiser
16 FEB 2016

We love it when our supporters come up with great fundraising ideas like this! And have great fun doing them too!

Teenagers Ruby Hodges and Aoife Hay are 2 months in to their '2016' challenge, having managed to live off £20.16 for a week (for food) last month, which was the challenge they set themselves for January.

So what's it's all about? Well this fundraising idea all centres around the number '2016'. Ruby and Aoife have pledged to support St Basils over the next 12 months and complete a different challenge every month that will involve the number "2016", all to raise funds for St Basils. 

For February they decided to do a day of mini challenges including running up and down 2016 steps, doing 201 sit-ups, staying silent for 2 hours and 16 minutes, flipping a pancake for 2.16 minutes, running 2.16 km tied together, eating as many cream crackers as possible in 2.16 minutes amongst other similar eating challenges and drinking a 20 ingredient smoothie.

So how this they get on? Watch their video below and find out!

Although Ruby and Aoife clearly had 'great fun doing (most of) these challenges, they are really passionate about the cause and doing all this for a very serious reason - to help prevent youth homelessness and help young people, many of whom are their own age (16 years old).

They write on their Just Giving page; "It can be avoided. It can be stopped...It is here, it is in our city. We can get rid of youth homelessness. We need your help, we need the pounds you would be spending on the coffee you have before work everyday and the pennies you drop on the floor when you are in a rush..."

Please visit to sponsor Ruby and Aoife £2.16 today!

In March Ruby and Aoife willl be climbing 2016 metres (up and down) and be taking Snowdon's zip wire too.

Ruby & Aoife's January 2016 challenge   Ruby and Aoife's 'challenge 2016' idea