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 Homelessness prevention services

We also have homelessness prevention services operating in Sandwell, including:

Family Mediation

St Basils Sandwell Family Mediation is a service for young people aged 16 to 25 at risk of losing their home due to:

  • Ø Family Conflict
  • Ø Family and friends no longer letting them stay
  • Ø Family breakdown

    The core of the work is about developing a relationship with the young person and enabling him or her to articulate the problems they have to deal with in their everyday lives. We keep a clear focus on the young persons long term needs and at the same time make sure that all parties understand that we will completely avoid taking sides.   

St Basils Family Mediation Service offers:

  • Ø One to one meetings
  • Ø Family meetings
  • Ø One to one support (when required)
  • Ø Advocacy 
  • Ø Signposting to specialist Agencies

Referrals for this service are taken through Sandwell Council. 

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St Basils Sandwell We have an exciting and innovative new scheme, provided in partnership with Sandwell & City hospitals NHS trust where, making use of refurbished nurses accommodation, 27 young people have access to accommodation and employment via apprenticeships, all on the same site at Sandwell Hospital.St Basils Sandwell

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New Sandwell 'Live and Work scheme'



This is a semi-independent scheme so staff are not contactable at all times. If you have an enquiry please email us


Staff and young residents were lucky enough to enjoy a Royal Visit from HRH Duke of Cambridge in December 2015.  Read more >>>
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