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In Solihull St Basils runs a drop-in project for those 'at risk of homelessness', provides 'floating support' to young people identified as at risk of homelessness, provides emergency accommodation through our Nightstop scheme and has a supported accommodation scheme housing young people who would otherwise be homeless. 

Solihull youth hub

In partnership with Solihull Council, St Basils launched the new Solihull Youth Hub in April 2017, aiming to prevent youth homelessness. The Youth Hub provides housing advice and specialist home options support to single young people aged 16 - 24 who are at risk of homelessness or in housing need. It enables the development of early intervention partnerships across community locations and funds specialist mental health support for young people, staff working with young people and parents and carers. 

This is a pilot scheme operating for an initial term of 2 years and in that time also aiming to accurately measure demand, capturing the range of needs that young people are presenting with in order to identify gaps in local services that need to be addressed.

Young people must have an appointment to attend the Solihull Youth Hub but if it is an emergency and they have nowhere to stay that night they will be seen the same day. 

Solihull Youth Hub Helpline: 0330 33 27 978.

Young people can self-refer by texting NEED ST BASILS to 62277 for free or if it is not an emergency and they have somewhere to stay for the moment, they can self refer through our online referral form.  

St Basils turnaround project solihull

The Solihull Youth Hub is the new direct and single access point to a number of servcies for young people in the Solihull area. If young people are identified as 'at risk of homelessness'  they may be offered 'support at home', also known as 'floating support' where St Basils support workers will come and visit young people where they are currently living to offer support so that they can continue to live there and maintain their independence.

St Basils also runs a drop-in in Chelmsley Wood called the Turnaround Project so that these young people in the local area can drop-in for advice, support and sign-posting to other organisations in between appointments. The drop-in is based on the same site as the Chelmsley Wood 7th day Adventist Community Church which used to be called St Andrews Church. Use the plus button in the corner of the map below to zoom in for the exact location).

Staff based at the Turnaround Project are also contracted to provide 'floating support' to young people in the Solihull area who are in rent arrears, struggling to budget their money or worried about losing their home. Our floating support workers visit young people in their own homes, providing any and all support needed to help them remain independent. As well as practical support, this help extends into helping young people gain in confidence so they they can access local opportunities and assisting them to gain work experience, update their CVs, access college courses or apply for jobs. 

Tel: 0121 788 2608

Emergency accommodation

Thanks to help from Hosts in the local community St Basils facilitates a NightStop scheme in Solihull helping to ensure safe, warm, comfortable emergency accommodation is available for vulnerable young people in need of somewhere to stay for a few nights. 

St Basils vet both the young person and the Host and provide travel expenses to the young person and expenses to the Host if they are needed. Where possible St Basils will also provide the young person with new towels, night clothes, toiletries etc. If you can help with donations of items or financially to support this scheme please contact us or donate.

Home2Home scheme

Home2Home is a scheme aimed at helping young people, up to the age of 21, reach the final stage of independence. The scheme relies on local hosts, who offer up their spare room to provide accommodation and support within their home to young people, for an agreed amount of time. The Host can help the young person develop skills such as cooking and budgeting and help them gain confidence, allowing them to live independently.  More information on Home2Home and Nightstop can be found below.

Home2Home and nightstop

Solihull supported accommodation - mildenhall house


Mildenhall House originally opened in 1997 and has recently been refurbished and extended. The official reopening took place on the 29th of October 2013 and was performed by the Mayor of Solihull Councillor Joe Tildesley.

Mildenhall House, a Semi-Supported scheme five minutes walk from the centre of Solihull, provides accommodation and support services for 12 young men and women who must have been living in Solihull prior to becoming homeless for at least 5 years. All the young people accommodated have their own self-contained bedsits only the laundry and training room facilities are shared. The aim of the service is to support the young people within the project to gain opportunities, experience and skills to enable young people to prepare for independent living.

Young people can stay for up to a maximum of two years. In that time staff will work closely with young people to help them access opportunities which will build their skills and confidence and support them to access education, training and employment opportunities so that young people can move on and be truly independent.

Staff work with those leaving the service to ensure they move on in a planned fashion.

Referrals are taken through Solihull Community Housing. Tel: 0121 717 1515. 

Testimonials from young people

Mildenhall House resident Danielle wrote and presented a speech at our Life Skills Awards graduation ceremony in November 2014 to over 300 young people, staff and supporters explaining how staff at Mildenhall House, Solihull have helped her. Addressing her fellow young graduates she said: 

"First of all I just want to congratulate everyone that graduated. My name is Danielle and I lived at Solihull Mildenhall. Now my experience of St Basils is a really good amazing experience. When I first came to St Basils I’m sure some of you felt the same as me; when you first go in your room and close your door you feel alone and a little scared. I know I did because at this point I was alone. I had no family as we had major issues. Then I found myself speaking to the staff and letting them get to know the real me.

I found that they were just what I needed as they became like family, now by this I mean they were friendly and caring but also there to nag me quite a bit to do what I needed to be standing here now and to be stood here I needed to complete some Life Skills modules. I did the drink and drugs one as I had a problem with drink but because of this I haven’t now. I also did the healthy living one and the money management one and hey I now am debt free and lost weight so as you can see these modules are crucial to the lives they touch. They did mine! So I thank you St Basils and Ann my Support Worker for making me take part.

The one amazing thing they did for me was make me think about sorting my problems with my drinking and the problems with my family and during my stay I bonded so much with my parents especially my Mum and I learnt to forgive and we became so close. I’m grateful because my Mum suddenly past away 4 months ago and without Ann and the other staff I don’t know how I would cope today if we hadn’t have made up. Today I stand in front of you as an independent confident young person with my own place. I still go back to them when I need them and I just want to say Thank You to St Basils for the chance they gave me and all they do for young people who need them. So please give a massive applause for St Basils and all the truly special people who work to support us". 

thank yous - individuals

Karen Brown and Clare Currie for working so hard and fundraising throughout the year to make Christmas 2014 so special for our young people. Read more >>> 

Thank yous - organisations

uk power reserve logo

UK Power Reserve is partnering with St Basils, supporting its Solihull hub by paying its electricity bill for this year. The donation will ensure the charity can continue its vital work against a backdrop of government budget cuts to support services.

UK Power Reserve’s donation of £9,300 will cover the Solihull hub’s electricity bill for 2018-19, and the company will continue to develop close ties with St Basils during the course of the partnership. With its headquarters in Solihull, UK Power Reserve is keenly aware of the problem of rough sleeping in the local area: 5.5 out of every 1,000 people are homeless in Solihull, higher than the national average and worse than homelessness rates in London. UK Power Reserve is also giving time to the shelter, providing writing assistance and CV and interview advice.

This donation builds on other charity relationships the company has developed close to its power generation sites across England and Wales.

And also:

Pret a Manger for your much needed regular food donations
John Lewis for your donations of soft furnishings and other items
SCAH  for your unwavering support
Helping Hands for all the food parcels you deliver to those in need.
St Anne's Parish church for raising funds for us and your ongoing commitment to assisting our young people.

 Also to many others in our local community who have gone out of their way to support the work we do.

Donations needed

We are always in need of Starter Packs. Other items may also be needed from time to time.

If you can help please call project staff on 0121 704 2166.

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