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 Currently in Walsall we are working with a group of homeless, NEET (Not in Education, Employment of Training) young people aged 18-24 who have been identified as having complex needs. This scheme called 'Rewriting Futures' is a specific project funded separately and we are working to the format set by our funders. We have reached capacity for this scheme and referrals are now closed. For help in the Walsall area please contact Walsall Council on Tel: 01922 653405

About rewriting futures

Rewriting Futures is an innovative and intensive support programme that is tailored to the needs of the young person and will help them break down the barriers they are currently experiencing to not only find accommodation but education and training opportunities and ultimately employment as well. This programme intends to open up another avenue of support for those who have fallen through the safety net or been refused help elsewhere.

St Basils Rewriting Futures programme is part of the national Fair Chance programme providing funding for flexible and intensive support to young people aged 18-25 who are homeless, not engaged in education, training or employment (NEET) and were unable to access pre-existing services. 


We have an 8 bed accommodation scheme in Walsall. It is owned by Caldmore Accord Housing Association.  St Basils’ Rewriting Futures Team in Walsall have entered into an innovative partnership with them to provide accommodation for young people on the Fair Chance programme, with support provided by St Basils.  Caldmore Accord retain the landlord role and St Basils provide short term intensive support to enable the young people to become tenancy ready, assisting them to move on to longer term accommodation.  We do this by providing an onsite bespoke training programme including: life skills, pre-tenancy preparation, Mental Skills Training and anger management.

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St Basils Rewriting Futures team works with young people to access  accommodation  (as well as education and gaining meaningful employment). We now have a Private Rental Scheme and Landlords Service not just in Walsall but other nearby areas too.

We liaise with landlords direct, dealing with any queries and we support landlords by ensuring tenants understand their tenancies, rights and obligations and to resolve any disputes.

We offer a guarantee bond as deposit and support tenants to maintain their new home, save money and live independently.We also support each young person to obtain furniture if needed, to set up their new home. Each young person also enrols on the St Basils accredited Life Skills course which covers modules such as Developing Skills for Independent Life; Personal Budgeting & Money Management amongst others.

For more information on this service in the Walsall area please contact Julia Codrington on Tel: 07469118478

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We have run successful Supported Lodgings schemes in Birmingham, Solihull and Worcestershire for the past 3-5 years, and we are now trying to set one up in Walsall. Supported Lodgings is where a young person lodges with a family for several months whilst they try to take that final step to independence. This is a better option for more vulnerable young people, those leaving the Care system or young people who suffer low self-esteem or low confidence. Young people pay rent to the Host to get them used to doing this. Both the Host and young person are supported by St Basils staff and the host also receives a weekly contribution towards rent, bills and other expenses from St Basils. For this scheme to work we are dependent on caring members of the public with a spare room who are willing and have the time to advise, guide and support a young person, to put themselves forward. 

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If you live in or near Walsall and would like to assist our work with donations of starter packs or in other ways/ with other donations please call 07469 118473 or Email: 

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