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Face to face advice services in B'ham and Solihull

birmingham Youth Hub 

Launched in 2010, the St Basils run Birmingham Youth Hub provides the gateway for youth homelessness services in Birmingham for young people aged 16-25. The Youth Hub is based in the church building on Heath Mill Lane, which straddles the Digbeth/ Deritend borderline. There are several different agencies including council services based on the one site. The aim is to give young people ease of access to the variety of agencies young people may need to talk to including children's services (for 16 and 17 year olds).

There are many different ways for young people at risk of homelessness in Birmingham to access help including our new free text service. For more information click on the blue button below.

Birmingham Youth Hub

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solihull youth hub

Launched in 2017, initially as a 2 year pilot, The Solihull Youth Hub aims to provide housing advice and specialist home options support to single young people aged 16 - 24 who are at risk of homelessness or in housing need, as well as the development of early intervention partnerships across community locations and to fund specialist mental health support for young people, staff working with young people and parents and carers.

It also aims to accurately measure demand, capture the range of needs that young people are presenting with and highlight gaps in local services that need to be addressed.

Solihull Youth Hub

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