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NYRG 2016 Events and Training

Throughout the last 9 years NYRG members have been involved in a number of events, consultations and conferences with local and central government, charities and organisations that work with homeless young people across England.

 During 2016 NYRG members have been involved in conferences and consultations with a number of organisations including:

(Conferences and workshops)

  • Public Health England
  • Homeless Link
  • The Chartered Institute of Housing
  • The National Youth Homeless Parliament
  • TPAS Annual Conference
  • Health Watch
  • Plus many more



  • Youth Justice- Developing and implementing Positive Pathway Plans
  • Barnardos Care leavers Pathway Plan with St Basil's specialist advisers
  • The Positive Pathway Plan Model 
  • Fortis Living- Engagement structures
  • Lancaster University Psychology department- supporting students to develop research around happiness, health and well being
  • Plus many more


Members of the NYRG receive extensive training during their 3 year membership, to enable the delivery of bespoke consultations and offer efficient support to all agencies. This allows NYRG members to have a collective voice to support the development of homeless services.

This training includes:

  • AQA Youth Work level 1
  • Youth Homeless Parliament 
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation and facilitation skill development
  • Peer mentoring
  • Safe personal story telling
  • Plus many more


Please visit the CONTACT US page for membership or consultative service queries.