2016 NYRG videos

Naz's story

Young St Basils resident Naz shares his story - from leaving Care to becoming homeless, Naz then found St Basils Rewriting Futures project in Walsall.

 St Basils Rewriting Futures programme is part of the national scheme 'Fair Chance'. See Our Services > Rewriting Futures to find out more about the aims of this scheme. 

This film was directed by the National Youth Reference Group with funding from DCLG and assistance from St Basils Rewriting Futures Walsall staff. Our thanks also to Naz for agreeing to share his story.



St Basils group videos

In this video St Basils young people who are also NYRG members talk about their experiences of homelessness and how unprepared they were for how hard it can be.  

St. Basils | Group Stories from St Basils on Vimeo.



National Youth Reference Group and LandAid Videos

NYRG members Arabella, Abu and Sean, speak about their lived experience of homelessness from across England. In association with LandAid's Young Voices Programme.

Arabella's Story:

NYRG - Arabella v3 from St Basils on Vimeo.


 Abu's Story:

NYRG - Abu v2 from St Basils on Vimeo.


 Sean's Story:

NYRG - Sean v2 from St Basils on Vimeo.

Our thanks to Arabella, Abu and Sean for agreeing to share their stories.



The above videos were filmed and edited by Spark Media.  

Updated: 21/12/2016