Scrutiny panel

St Basils continues to diversify and expand it's youth engagement opportunities with projects aimed to ensure that young peoples views are heard and that they have the opportunity to influence decision makers at St Basils on both on a local and national level.  Young people have the chance to be involved in a Scrutiny Panel which both helps shape and develop our services as well support local partner services for young people.

Working in Partnership with the NHS

Currently the scrutiny panel is working in partnership with the NHS to help evaluate their services.

 Young people were recently involved in a consultation with South Central CCG to gain the views of our residents on how to improve the Community Mental Health Services provided to children and young adults within the Birmingham area.

'Mystery SHopping'

This group has also been involved in a new mystery shopping scheme where young people receiving support from St Basils have the opportunity to feedback on the quality of the services on offer and make any recommendations as to how young people’s experiences could be improved.

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