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St Basils Youth Council

The St Basils Youth Council is the new revised structure through which St Basils residents can have a voice on the strategic direction of St Basils, continuing the principle of 'young people first' but moving away from a Board structure. The structure of St Basils new Youth Council allows for a larger membership and includes young people who have been elected as the Resident Representative of each of St Basils 29 supported accommodation scheme’s, thus ensuring direct lines of communication back to young people living at each project.

Terms of reference

Essentially St Basils Youth Council helps us to fulfil the following:

Basils Strategic Priority 3

  • Young People fully involved in setting standards, identifying priorities, and monitoring services

Our principles to work by

  • Young People First
  • Forward Thinking

What’s in it for young people?

  • A space to meet other residents across St Basils and work together to make St Basils a better place to live
  • An opportunity to have a real say in how St Basils operates both locally in your project and  more strategically
  • Engaging in activities organised to promote a healthy lifstyle such as cycling, walking, indoor five as side football etc.
  • Engaging in activies developed in partnership with external agencies such as Birmingham NHS South Central CCG, Birmingham CrossCity CCG, West Midlands Fire Service, Healthwatch Birmingham,  Access To Music and Ace Dance Academy.
  • Attend regular meetings where there will be fun activities, music, entertainment, presentations and more serious decision-making on real issues and the way St Basils operates
  • A chance to meetand discuss issues with the Senior Management Team staff and members who sit on St Basils Board Of Directors
  • Assisting in the organisation and running of internal events
  • Opportunities and training in public speaking for those that want it.
  • A wide variety of other training opportunities to enable Youth Council members to carry out their duties