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A Day in the life of Luke Selibas a St Basils Fundraiser

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A Day in the life of Luke Selibas a St Basils Fundraiser

First I love my job. Going to work every day for a charity that does amazing work, that makes such a difference to young people in the local area, it’s a great feeling. I could not imagine how hard life would be without the support of family and friends, it has made me realise how much of a luxury this is.

Morning: I normally wake up around 6:30/7pm and I’m straight on my phone, I know typical young(ish) lad. I like to see what’s happening with the world and what businesses and groups are up to. Being brought up with social media it’s very easy to get distracted so I try to keep to LinkedIn in the morning to get my brain ready for work. Once I’m ready I am normally on my emails around 8am, mainly to try and get a little head start on the day. From there its meetings, office or planning and delivering. With many things happening in the Fundraising team, and St Basils growing rapidly in my area. We try to be as strategic as possible so planning is a large part of our role.

Mid-Day: Other than trying to fill my face (food addiction). This is the time I try and engage with our current supporters and also engaging with other local community groups and businesses. Also good time to have a chat with colleagues in the team, and see if they need any assistance or just general talk on how we can grow the fundraising across St Basils.

Afternoon: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. I need to get a dose of Caffeine at some point in the afternoon. The afternoon for myself is used to make sure there are as many ticks on the to-do list as possible. A lot of Fundraising from what I’ve learnt in my short time in this world is about momentum. Like any industry you have to keep pushing, moving forward. It’s all about the “grind”. Every day we push to grow the awareness of the charity and the work that we do. Before close of play I always try to make a to-do list for the next day. Then its home time, laptop off, Works phone off and hope the caffeine doesn’t keep me awake all night.