Our mission 

St Basils works with young people to enable them to find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities and prevent homelessness.

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Introducing St Basils

Here’s our Chief Executive Jean Templeton to explain who we are, where we work and how we ensure young people can get help when they need it.

Strategic Priorities

We have Six Strategic Priorities:

  1. Provision of good quality accommodation which meets the needs and raises the aspirations of young people.
  2. Provision and development of prevention and support services which meet the diverse needs of young people.
  3. Young people fully involved in setting standards, identifying priorities and monitoring services.
  4. St. Basils – a good place to work.
  5. Challenging discrimination and promoting diversity and cohesion through employment, service delivery and community engagement*.
  6. Optimising resources to achieve our strategic objectives.


Our principles

Young people first.
Everybody counts.
Working and learning with others.
Strength and unity through diversity.
Delivery and effectiveness.
Forward thinking.

St Basils' Charter

Designing out Youth Homelessness

“We want young people to feel cared about, to have trusted support, somewhere safe, suitable and affordable to live that enables them to learn and work.”

St Basils Charter

Our success stories

Here are a just few stories from the young people we work with. Names may have been changed in some cases, but in every other way these stories accurately reflect the struggles some young people go through and, ultimately, how St Basils help them to find happiness and security again.

Success Stories Tom

“When I was 15 I moved to live with my Grandad and then became his primary carer for a number of years, but in the end it just proved too stressful for me and I found myself considering suicide. That’s when I realised I needed to get help. I approached a number of housing organisations and St Basils was the one I heard back from. I came to see the room and took it that same day”.

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Success Stories “St Basils gave me hope”

“I didn’t become a statistic… I thank St Basils for the opportunities, which I doubt would ever have come if I hadn’t discovered they existed.”

-One ex-resident shares her story.

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Success Stories Eryk

“Working here has been great – I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m really thankful… St Basils and this opportunity has definitely helped me get back on track, feel calmer and more focused and in control of my life”

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*Our equality & diversity policy

St Basils is committed to creating an environment for staff, young people and partners that is free from all forms of discrimination and where diversity is embraced.  It is our intention to do our very best for each young person, ensuring that the service St Basils offers is fair, inclusive, appropriate and relevant for each individual. St Basils also wants to ensure that staff are provided with the best employment opportunities and that they are enabled to contribute effectively to the work of the organisation.

Our strategic priority ‘Challenging discrimination and promoting diversity and cohesion through employment, service delivery and community engagement’, highlights our commitment to ensuring that staff and young people are provided with a safe and secure environment in which they can thrive and develop, and where all aspects of their welfare is protected.


Your safety and wellbeing are very important to us. For out of hours support please click here.