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Chapmanbdsp and St Basils team up for an epic day of climbing and confidence-boosting fun!

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Chapmanbdsp and St Basils team up for an epic day of climbing and confidence-boosting fun!

Chapmanbdsp, a local company that specialises in building services, engineering, and environmental design, partnered with St Basils homelessness charity to take 25 young people on an unforgettable adventure to the Climbing Depot in Birmingham.

The day was packed with energy and enthusiasm, thanks to the passionate team at Chapmanbdsp, led by Chris McMahon, an apprentice mechanical engineer and dedicated climber. Chris and his team were thrilled to share their love of climbing with the young people from St Basils, knowing first-hand the incredible impact that this exhilarating activity can have on mental health and overall wellbeing.

Christ McMahon said:

“It was great to see so many young people having a good time and benefiting from our joint efforts. The day exceeded all expectations; hopefully, those that attended gained a bit of confidence and developed friendships, as well as trying out a new skill”.


Paul Benn from chapmanbdsp added;

“The climbing event last year proved a real hit with the young people that attended, so it made sense to build on that enthusiasm and host another. We have several keen climbers within chapmanbdsp, so it’s a great way to introduce young people to an activity we’re passionate about.

The turnout this time really did exceed our expectations with 20-25 young people in attendance. It was great to see them enjoying climbing and challenging themselves as their confidence increased. I believe climbing is about more than just the physical benefits, the mental health and social benefits can be equally rewarding, so it’s always fun to introduce new people to the sport.”


Victoria Turner-Browne from chapmanbdsp said:

“I was very excited to get involved in helping out at the bouldering event with St Basils for the second year running. It was great to chat to the young people and see so many of them getting immersed in the sport as it is an excellent way to stay active, meet new people and have fun. I look forward to next time!”


Freddie Hailstone from chapmanbdsp added:

“It was an absolute joy to be able to attend the bouldering event. St Basil’s are an amazing organisation and it was great to meet and spend time with both the young people and members of the St Basil’s team. Activities like climbing are such a brilliant way to promote both physical and mental health, and watching everyone throw themselves into it was fantastic!”



With the help of Kash Munroe, a partnership and progression officer at St Basils, the event was a huge success, offering young people the chance to step outside their comfort zones, gain confidence, and have a blast. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many of the young people eager to come back for more climbing in the future (not to mention the free pizzas that went down a treat)!


The Climb 2 was our 2nd partnership event between St Basils and ChapmanBDSP which has certainly flourished and become a success.

The day was about team and confidence building, networking and encouraging personal growth.


It was great to see so many young people engaging in a new activity and challenging themselves, physically and mentally.

We the staff team had a great time too; thanks to the support and direction of the ChapmanBDSP team and it was just lovely to see young people having such a happy time and building great memories.

One St Basils young person summed up the impact of the day perfectly:

“I’ve really enjoyed today; it’s been great to try something new out of my comfort zone. I’ve always wanted to do it and I’ve met some great people. I was having a really bad day yesterday and this event has refocused me. It’s reminded me that everything is possible one small step at a time.”

Chapmanbdsp is passionate about making a positive difference in the community and is committed to partnering with organizations like St Basils to achieve that goal. By providing young people with experiences like this one, they hope to inspire and empower them to see the possibilities that exist in their lives.

Overall, the climbing event with St Basils was a shining example of the power of community partnerships and the positive impact that a simple act of kindness can have on the lives of young, vulnerable people.