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Charity Partnership Support: Our thanks to Neil Liddell of Sandler Training

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Charity Partnership Support: Our thanks to Neil Liddell of Sandler Training

Charity Partnership Support: Our thanks to Neil Liddell of Sandler Training for mentoring St Basils Corporate fundraising team

Business and communities executive Sian develops meaningful partnerships with local businesses and people who really want to make a difference to vulnerable young people’s lives. Sandler Training exists to help their clients resolve issues in: Sales, Business Development, Leadership, and Customer Service. Sandler training methodology uses reinforcement training in order to produce lasting measurable improvement.

Sian met Neil at a networking event in June 2018. After hearing about the charity and some of the challenges Sian and her team faced to raise vital funds to support vulnerable young people.

Sian said:

“I found Neil very easy to speak with, an attentive listener who seeks to understand regardless of the topic of conversation.”

“After being invited by Neil to attend the ‘foundations bootcamp’ I discovered the Sandler methodology and it was almost like a lightbulb moment. I had been putting so much time and effort into forming new charity partnerships with local corporates in order to reach our charity fundraising target that I believed I must be doing ok. I could see after attending foundations bootcamp how much more I could achieve in less time through applying the principles of the Sandler methodology into my daily work.”

“It was very clear that we were a good fit for a partnership. Neil met with Jean our Chief Executive and Barrie our head of fundraising, who were delighted to receive the support Neil was offering St Basils, including training, individual coaching and strategic goal setting. Neil was able to customise his approach to St Basils own goals, demonstrating his understanding of our challenges and commitment to supporting us to succeed.”

“The skills I have gained over the past year working with Neil have been invaluable, both professionally and personally. There has been so many positive outcomes we have achieved since working with Neil. These have brought great benefits to the charity, such as measurable increases in corporate partnerships, simple processes to follow (rather than winging it) and more meaningful authentic relationships with our partners. I could explain how this has been achieved, for example, now I seek to understand the quality of an opportunity in order to determine if investing our time and efforts will bring the returns that both parties (St Basils and potential corporate partners) are seeking.”

“Our corporate partner funding had increased by 16% within the first 10 months of working with Neil and we smashed our overall fundraising target (2018-19) by over £250k. We are very pleased with these results and we are confident this will continue, even in times of uncertainty for many businesses.”

“Putting the figures into perspective, it costs St Basils around £5 per night (taking other funding sources into consideration) to support a young person.”

“It’s not easy to convey how the Sandler training and support develops you and your employees as a whole, improving relationships with your clients, customers, your colleagues and everyone around you.”

“We are very grateful to Neil for his time and genuine commitment to support us to support others.”

Sian Dhillon