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True picture of homelessness in Solihull and how you can help

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True picture of homelessness in Solihull and how you can help

It is a little known fact that hidden homelessness is a real problem in Solihull, as Solihull Council’s latest homelessness needs assessment reveals…

Solihull Council’s ‘Homelessness Needs Assessment 2019’ document published in October 2019 via their website shows the scale of hidden homelessness, despite the area’s affluent reputation:

“At the end of October 2019 there were 1,180 Solihull households known to services for whom homelessness was an actual or potential issue in their lives.

This includes four rough sleepers, 373 households in Temporary Accommodation including budget hotels and 92 households in supported accommodation or refuge.”

Hidden homelessness in Solihull statistics from

“Official data shows that there were important differences between the composition of Solihull households deemed ‘statutorily homeless’ and England as a whole.

  • Proportionally more Solihull households were statutorily homeless because their family or friends could no longer accommodate them (42% compared to 32% for England) or because they had suffered violence or harassment (23% compared to 11%). By contrast, fewer were statutorily homeless because their private rented sector tenancy had ended (16% compared to 24%);
  • More Solihull households statutorily homeless’ had specific support needs (69% compared to 44% for England). Of these Solihull households a third had mental health needs;
  • More Solihull households were single adults (71% compared to 60% for England);
  • 37% of Solihull households owed a statutory homelessness duty were aged 16-24 years compared to 21% for England.”

We are working to prevent youth homelessness in Solihull!

We’re working to change all this and prevent youth homelessness in Solihull with a number of services including the Solihull Youth Hub providing frontline advice, support and assessments, and two supported accommodation schemes where the emphasis is on helping young people back into education, work and training.

How you can help:

If this is a cause you care about please get a team together and join us for the Solihull sponsored SleepOut at the covered carpark, Renewal Church, Lode Lane, Solihull on Friday 20th March 2020.

Register for the Solihull Sleepout for free today:


Thank you!

St Basils Fundraising and Communications team