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Basil Bear

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Basil Bear

Basil Bear is our fundraising Mascot. He’s a very social bear who loves SELFIES! You can follow what he’s up to online and in exchange for a small donation we can send you one of Basil’s many cousins to keep you company or give to your children to take on Basil Teddy Bear picnics.

“Hi, I’m Basil Bear.  I’m St Basils fundraising mascot and I just wanted to say hello!  

You might know me from social media, or perhaps it’s one of my cousins you’ve spotted.  

I hope to see you at a St Basils event soon, and don’t forget to follow me for some beary entertaining posts from me and my ever growing family.

 Lots of love.

Basil xx”

If you’d like your very own Basil Bear please donate £5 to us and then email with the address of where you would like him posted to. 

It costs £5 a night to house a young person at St Basils so a Basil Bear will pay for a vital night’s safety for someone in the West Midlands.

Basil has his own Twitter and Instagram account. Please post your Basil pics to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag:

Instagram: basilthebear
Twitter: basilsadventure
Facebook: @basilthebear

Basil Bear