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Basil Bear


"Hi, I'm Basil Bear.  I'm St Basils fundraising mascot and I just wanted to say hello!  

Some St Basils supporters are taking me on exciting journeys and I tend to 
hang around all St Basils fundraising events.  You might see me
sleeping out at one of the sleepouts, taking part in a family bike ride or
riding on the back of a dog!  Maybe you could keep
me company? " 

If you'd like your very own Basil Bear please email Anne via to request one. 

You can have a Basil for free as long as you promise to take Basil out lots of places and take photos. Basil is a real adventurer and has his own Twitter and Instagram account. Please post your Basil pics to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag:

Instagram: basilthebear
Twitter: basilsadventure
Facebook: @stbasilscharity


"Don't forget to follow me too for some beary entertaining posts from me and my brothers.

 Lots of love.

Basil xx"




Thanks to our staff and supporters who have sent these photos to us. Don't forget to also post them to your own social media accounts as this will help reach more people and raise more awareness of our work. 



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