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Christmas Clear Out!

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Christmas Clear Out!

Christmas is coming and it might be time to clear some space in your wardrobe ready for the New Year ahead!

Did you know 73% of used clothes are sent to landfill or are incinerated?

Thrift+ is putting an end to fashion waste by making it easier to re-sell than to discard…

Order a Thrift+ bag for £1.50, fill it up with clothes, shoes, accessories and send it back for free. Once Thrift+ has received your bag, the team sort through and take photos of each item. It then goes up for sale on their website and also eBay too.

When your items begin to sell, you can choose how you receive the funds. This includes you keeping 100% of the profit, donating 100% of the profit to a charity – or choosing to split the profit between the two.

If you decide to donate to charity, please consider choosing St Basils! Any donation made, big or small, will make a difference to our Young People, thank you.

Order your Thrift+ bag!