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New events for 2021!


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New events for 2021!

Hello lovely supporters, we have some new events for you which you can sign up for and take part in right now, and has something to suit everyone.

These are;

Barter for Basil

The challenge is simple.  Trade up Basil Bear for an item worth more, and keep trading for a bigger and better item until the trading period ends, we’ll auction it on eBay and the one that sells for the most money wins!

5 for 5

Could you walk 5k in a confined space, perhaps in fancy dress?!

Equal Everest

Challenge yourself to walk up to the same height as Mount Everest before 29th May, which is the same day in 1953 that Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary conquered Everest!

Woof Pageant

Missing the Woof Run? We’ve brought you the next best thing to help fill the time before we can bring it back…the Woof Pageant!

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Check out our events page for more information!


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