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Order a Schools Pack!


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Order a Schools Pack!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new free ‘Schools pack’ ready for the new school year. Teachers, Youth leaders and other educational staff can order this for free today.

This pack, which is available now, is choc full of information, ideas and quizzes presented in an appealing and easily understandable way and includes 5 lesson plans for pupils aged 8-11 which are specifically designed to tie-in with the National Curriculum around:

  •  Maths
  •  English
  •  PSHE
  •  Art and Design

The pack contents are designed to help key stage 2 students understand this complex issue, and explains in an age appropriate way how and why this situation sometimes occurs and who it can happen to, aiming to dispel some of the most common misconceptions and myths around ‘what homeless people look like’.

The pack also explains what society can do to prevent it and what individuals and schools can do to help ease the situation.

It also provides information and a check-list on how to organise a ‘sleep out’ or similar indoor event for students to take part in should you wish to do so.

To get your free schools pack simply email with your name, the school you work at and the address to send it to.  

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