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Schumacher races in to help St Basils once again


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Schumacher races in to help St Basils once again

Schumacher Packaging Ltd – Birmingham, have once again committed to supporting St Basils homelessness charity by providing all the cardboard for the homelessness charities iconic sleepout events free of charge.

From left to right, Barrie Hodge, head of fundraising at St Basils, Naomi Harvey, business development manager Schumacher, Mark Amyes, Sales director Schumacher


Steve Rainbow, the events manager for St Basils, first approached sales director of Schumacher (then Jaffabox) Mark Amyes back in 2006 to ask if he could help.


Steve said “Working as an events manager for St Basils is a really rewarding job, one of my tasks is to get as many resources as I can for free, the more money we spend on setting up events the less money goes to our vulnerable young people, so I am always keen to get support from local businesses who want to give back to the community.

The St Basils charity sponsored Sleepouts are exactly that, our fabulous supporters sleep outdoors for one night in a cardboard box and get sponsored by friends and family to raise awareness, plus vital funds for the homelessness charity.

One of the vital components to this event is obviously the cardboard boxes our fundraisers sleep in. After getting an initial quote for over £2,000 to provide the cardboard back in 2006 I began ringing round local businesses to find out who could help, after a few no’s, the wonderful Mark at Schumacher packaging said yes. And thank goodness he has been saying yes ever since.

Since the first Sleepout, Schumacher have provided the cardboard for events in Birmingham, Solihull, and Coventry for the past 16 years. Not only have they provided the cardboard, but Mark and some of his colleagues have also slept out at the events and raised funds to prevent youth homelessness.

This is what great partnerships are about and me and the team now class Mark as a friend, as well as a supporter.

Our next Sleepout challenge takes place within the iconic ruins of Coventry Cathedral on Friday 7th October and Mark and some of the Schumacher team will be there to support us once again.”


Mark Amyes sales director of Schumacher added “I remember the first call from Steve over 15 years ago. I had heard of St Basils but didn’t know too much about them.  Steve told me about all the great work St Basils do in the community, providing accommodation, support, education and employment opportunities yearly for over 4000 young homeless people or young people who are at risk of homelessness, sleeping on friends’ sofas, in their cars etc. Some of them work full time but are still not able to afford a roof over their heads. I really wanted to help.

 I do think it is important for local business to give back to the community, our family company was founded in 1946 and we still hold strong family values. I believe everyone should have the opportunity of a safe home, education, and employment, no matter how bad your start in life has been – very often due to no fault of your own.

We have supported St Basils for many years and even took part in the Woof run last year, which was great fun, and very muddy!”


Naomi Harvey, Business development manager for Schumacher said “When I joined Schumacher, I was delighted to learn of their partnership with St Basils. I feel it is important that Schumacher have social value at its heart, it is vital that communities and environments benefit from businesses that operate within them. I’m looking forward to working with St Basils in the future and maybe taking on a few challengers- I’m a keen runner so the London marathon could be calling, watch this space!”


To find out more about the Coventry Sleepout, or to register, click below:


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