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The St Basils Outreach Team

Many of us want to help people who are sleeping rough, but we don’t know the best way to go about it. At St Basils, we work with Birmingham City Council to help and support those aged 16-24 presenting as homeless or seeking assistance on the streets.


We work as part of a coordinated street outreach service alongside Trident Reach at Trident Group UK and other partners to provide outreach services 24/7, including specialist support for vulnerable people. This means we already have staff on the streets every single day developing relationships and reaching out a hand to vulnerable people. As part of this Birmingham City Council have funded additional staff to expand the outreach service to focus on people who have accommodation available to them but are street begging.


Those who want to help anyone on the streets can donate directly to Change into action ( an alternative giving scheme, from which all the money given is guaranteed to go directly to help people who are or have been sleeping rough in Birmingham.


Anyone concerned about someone who may be sleeping rough should contact the Rough Sleeper Outreach Service through StreetLink, where the message will be passed on to an outreach worker. It’s as important as ever that we share this information, so please share this to spread the word of how to help.