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The 'Positive Pathway' is a nationwide framework St Basils created to help Local Authorities and their partners to work together to prevent youth homelessness.

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Positive Pathway framework

front cover positive pathway

The ‘Positive Pathway’ is a nationwide framework that we created in order to help local authorities and their partners to develop a more collaborative and integrated approach to service development and delivery,  resulting in better outcomes for young people.

The Positive Pathway Framework  aims to give a clear framework to better prevent young people aged 16 – 25 from becoming homeless. It also sets out the sort of services and support needed to help young people who do become homeless to build a more positive future.

Originally developed in 2012, and refreshed in 2015, we have recently refreshed this framework once more, thanks to funding from The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and the new version is now available to download here:


Positive Pathway Framework

Positive Pathway framework diagram

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Positive Pathway flow diagram

Care leavers accommodation and support framework

front cover care leavers pathway

Barnardo’s and St Basils developed the Care Leaver Accommodation and Support Framework in 2015.

It has since been refreshed in 2019. The new version is available here:

Care Leaver Accommodation and Support Framework

Care Leaver Accommodation & Support Framework diagram

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Care Leaver Accommodation & Support Framework diagram

The Youth Justice Accommodation and Support framework

front cover youth justice pathway

In 2017 we developed the Youth Justice Accommodation Pathway.  We updated this in 2019.

The Youth Justice Accommodation Pathway aims to prevent homelessness and bring about better outcomes for young people involved in the criminal justice system in England.

The Youth Justice Accommodation Pathway (YJAP) is a practical tool that local authorities, criminal justice agencies and other partners can use to plan accommodation and support services for young people aged 16–25 who have been involved with the criminal justice system.

It has been developed in collaboration with agencies working with and for young people with an offending history, and is informed by the voices of young people who have experienced homelessness.

Youth  Justice Accommodation Pathway

Youth Justice Accommodation Pathway diagram

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Youth Justice Accommodation Pathway diagram

Young people from our national Youth Voice project informed the Positive Pathways most recent refresh

2019 Youth Homeless Parliament report now available!

The latest Youth Homeless Parliament report is now available to download as well. This is young people’s views on what would help at the different stages of the pathways and also informed its recent refresh.

YHP report front cover image


YHP report 2019


Evaluation of the Positive Pathway

Here is an independent rapid evaluation of The Positive Pathway Model’s impact:



Birmingham - Comprehensive Housing Offer



For more information on the Comprehensive Housing Offer please see BSHP’s website