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Help us promote St Basils free text service

We've recently launched a new free text service meaning young people aged 16-25 who are at risk of homelessness in Birmingham can text ‘Need St Basils’ to 62277 for free and will get a phonecall in return from a trained housing advisor based at St Basils Youth Hub in Digbeth, Birmingham. This new way for young people to get in touch, is in addition to a helpline and ‘get help’ email web form St Basils and the Youth Hub provide, but crucially it means young people at risk can still access help fast even if they have no credit or data left on their phones.

Homelessness can happen to anyone at anytime. If young people don't feel safe at home they may have no choice but to leave, or they may be evicted at short notice. The streets are not a safe place for anyone to sleep but young people are particularly vulnerable so it's imperative that they are picked up by outreach teams and helped quickly.

St Basils works across Birmingham and surrounding areas with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Over 5000 young people across the West Midlands region come to St Basils for advice every year, and over 1200 are housed in our 29 supported accommodation schemes. As well as helping young people who have become homeless, we do a lot of work to prevent young people from becoming homeless. In 2015-16 St Basils Youth Hub in Birmingham prevented 3360 out of a total of 3613 at risk young people from becoming homeless. That’s a rate of 93%. Preventing youth homelessness is achieved through St Basils family mediation service and the partnerships we have with other local charities and services helping young people. The quicker young people can access this raft of services available through the Youth Hub, the higher the chance of preventing youth homelessness.

All young people have to do to get help from St Basils Youth Hub is text ‘Need St Basils’ to 62277.

 2017 update

We are extending this service to cover Solihull as well so from 3rd April 2017 young people in the Solihull area can also text 'Need St Basils' to 62277 for free from any mobile and get a call back from trained staff at our new Solihull Youth Hub.   

Can you help us spread the word?

We need to get this message out to young people across Birmingham and Solihull as soon as possible! 

We're using social media* to do this but we also need your help to spread the word by other means. Perhaps you're a teacher or youth group leader? Or work with young people in some other capacity? Perhaps you've noticed young people bedding down on the streets near you or know of a young person at risk? We have A3 posters, A5 fliers and pocket sized cards to give out.

To get your free cards, fliers or posters or to find out more please contact us via:, selecting 'Yes - Promoting Need St Basils text service' from the drop-down list. Then in the message box specify how many of each you would like and an address to send them to. Thanks so much!   

To download and print your own posters or to help promote our advice services in other areas please see the resources section. 

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Published 19/12/2016; Updated 15/03/2017