Fundraise for us

Here you will find details of our fundraising events, campaigns and all the ways you or your group can get involved to further our work and have a positive impact on your local community.

Fundraising Pack 2020

Hike for Homeless 2021

The No1 Charity walk in the UK!
24th July – Warwickshire
5, 13 or 23 miles, take your pick.


Equal Everest

Whilst in lockdown challenge yourself to walk/step up the equivalent height as Mount Everest (8,849 metres) before the 29th May!

Equal Everest fundraiser

5 for 5

Take part in 5for5 by nominating someone to walk 5K in a confined space, be it your back garden, the kitchen or make it fun by choosing a weird (but safe) place or doing it in fancy dress! If they complete the challenge, you have to donate £5 to St Basils which is how much it costs to house a vulnerable young person for a night.
5for5 fundraiser

Barter for Basil

Trade up Basil Bear for an item worth more, keep trading for a bigger & better item until the trading period ends, then you sell the item and give us the money and the one that sells for the most money will be crowned Supreme Trading Champion?
Barter for Basil fundraiser

Woof Pageant

All you have to do to take part in this fun competition is send us a picture of your dog which we will upload to the Woof Gallery. Make your dog stand out by dressing them up in their best outfit or getting them to do a cool trick to help them win the title of top dog! A panel of judges will then choose 3 to go through to the final vote, which will be selected by the public.
WOOF PAGEANT fundraiser

Pound for Pound
Weight loss scales
If you have decided you would like to lose a few pounds then why not help St Basils gain a few by getting your friends to sponsor you. All the funds raised will go towards the St Basils lifeskills program.  One of the major areas this program covers is to help teach young people to live well by cooking healthy and nutritious meals.
Sign up with Virgin Money Giving

Bike 500 Beds
Bike 500 Beds image





Achieving 500 miles in a month equates to roughly 16 miles a day, but as it’s a target for the month you could do more on some days and less on others.
Bike 500 Beds fundraiser

Extreme Challenges

If you fancy parachute jumping, running a marathon, walking or cycling huge distances, or in fact anything that challenges you to the extreme, then email us at or call us on 0121 772 9614.
(Please note: These challenges are run by reputable third parties that we have used before. Some of the activities are only available at certain times of the year).



I want to help....

If youth homelessness is a cause you care about and want to do something about – then we want to hear from you!

There’s lots of ways you can help fundraise for us – you can take part in one of our Virtual Events or organise your own!

Check out our events calendar or if you have a passion, why not organise a virtual event that will help you fulfil that whilst also raising money for St Basils? Email us with your idea and one of the team will come and meet you and give you any support you need!

Events calendar    Meet the team

Individual volunteering opportunities

For volunteering opportunities working direct with young people at St Basils please click on the button below:

Volunteering with Young People

My group or church wants to help...

Knowle and Dorridge Ladies Circle cake stall
Knowle and Dorridge Ladies Circle

Are you a youth group or rotary club or other group who would like to support our cause?

We work with various groups across the region and we would love to work with you too!

Our designated Business and Communities Executive will come and meet with you, give a talk to your group and do whatever else is needed to ensure you can help fundraise for us!

Meet the team

If you would like to know more about how you could support our work, email us at:

Your group could also volunteer with us!


Email us at or phone 0121 772 9505 for details of our current volunteering opportunities.

My school wants to help...

Are you a school, college or University that would like to support our cause?

We work with various educational institutions across the region and we would love to work with you too!

You’ll have a designated Business and Communities Executive who will meet with you, give a talk to your students and do whatever else is needed to ensure you can help fundraise for us!

Meet the team

If you would like to know more about how you could help further our work, please email:

How to explain the issue of youth homelessness?

schools pack
St Basils Schools Pack

Here is our  ‘Schools pack’ for teachers and other school staff, which you can order for free today just by filling out the form on this page. 

The pack is choc full of information, ideas and quizzes presented in an appealing and easily understandable way and includes 5 lesson plans which are specifically designed to tie-in with the National Curriculum around:

  •  Maths
  •  English
  •  PSHE
  •  Art and Design

The pack contents is designed to help students understand this complex issue, and explains in an age appropriate way how and why this situation sometimes occurs and who it can happen to, aiming to dispel some of the most common misconceptions and myths around ‘what homeless people look like’.

The pack also explains what society can do to prevent it and what individuals and schools can do to help ease the situation.

It also provides information and a check-list on how to organise a ‘sleep out’ or similar indoor event for students to take part in should your school wish to do so.

To get your free schools pack simply fill out the form on this page. 

School Pack

This is so we can send you further updates to the pack, get feedback to improve future packs and give you some ideas (without any obligation) as to ways you can help prevent youth homelessness across the West Midlands.


Your safety and wellbeing are very important to us. For out of hours support please click here.