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Emergency Accommodation inc. Nightstop schemes

St Basils has two direct access accommodation schemes in Birmingham and operates 'Nightstop' schemes in Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry to provide emergency accommodation ensuring young people who have nowehere to sleep that night have somewhere safe to go.

Emergency Accommodation, Birmingham

Milner CourtMilner Court (Bordesley) provides emergency accommodation for single men and women age 16 to 25, for up to three months while a full assessment of their support needs is carried out and appropriate longer-term accommodation is found for them in fully supportive or semi-independent accommodation. Milner Court is staffed 24 hours a day so there is always someone on hand to help with advice.

This project used to be a single sex project for young men only but now accepts both men and women.

Accommodation comprises of 25 single rooms, each with an en-suite shower. The shared communal facility consists of a Training Kitchen, Dining Area, Laundry, IT Suite and a small Gym.

There is disabled access to the ground floor areas

Yardley HouseYardley House (Yardley) provides emergency accommodation, for up to three months, for 15 young men and women aged 16-25. The scheme used to be single sex but now accepts both men and women. The property is based in the Yardley area of Birmingham and is staffed 24 hours a day..

The property comprises of 6 self contained bedsits with shared bathrooms. In addition there are 9 rooms with shared bathrooms, kitchens and lounge. Also on site are an IT room, laundry and music room.

There is disabled access to part of the building.

NIGHTSTOP schemes (Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry)

Our 'Nightstop' schemes, accredited by and established in line with the national DePaul model, help ensure all young people across Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry have a safe home to go to.

Nightstop takes away much of the risk associated with helping a ‘stranger’ as these young people are already known to us, have had a full assessment including a risk assessment and a through matching process is applied to any posting.

St Basils Nightstop service is run by the same team who have already been running very successful Supported Lodgings schemes across Birmingham, Solihull, Worcestershire and Coventry, where young people also stay with a Host but for several months and receive support from both the host and St Basils staff.

We need help from local people for our Nightstop services to function effectively!

We need 'Hosts' in the local Community!

Nightstop is about providing practical support on a night by night basis to young people who have nowhere else to go. ‘Hosts’ are asked to provide a bed for the night and extras that will make the young person more comfortable such as access to a hot bath or shower, a washing machine, a hot evening meal if possible and basic breakfast provision. The ‘Host’ will be provided with basic expenses to cover the costs of this if needed.

More information on Nightstop and becoming a Host

We need donations of new unused or unwanted items!

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