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our services in Coventry

The support services handled by this team include:

  • Floating Support provided to young people in any type of accommodation
  • Positive Prevention Project
  • Floating Support provided to young people in temporary accommodation

We also operate a Night Stop and Supported Lodgings service in Coventry (see separate info above). 

Floating support for young people in any type of accommodation

This service is available to over 18s for six months and under 18s for twelve months.

We can offer support to a young person who is struggling to stay where they are currently living regardless of whether this is their own tenancy or if they are living with other people. We can help with Family Mediation if this is needed to support young people to remain in the parental home as long as this is a safe option for them.

Our Floating Support service is also available to young people moving on from supported accommodation to help prevent repeat homelessness

Positive Prevention Project (PPP)

The Positive Prevention Project is available to young people aged 16-24 who have made a Homeless Application to Coventry City Council, and Coventry City Council believe the young person may have a ‘priority need’

The young person is referred to St Basils for assessment including a risk assessment. The young person will then be placed directly into supported or temporary accommodation. The accommodation is sourced by Coventry City Council but the support is provided by St Basils who are commissioned by the Council to provide this service, see below

Floating Support for young people in temporary accommodation

This service is for young people who have been assessed by PPP and have been placed into temporary accommodation. We support them to maintain their accommodation and with preparing for moving into supported accommodation or into their own tenancy

For more information on how these services can help young people please download our Coventry Services leaflet (purple button above). 

Partnership work

We are proud of our partnership work in the Coventry area. We work closely with, CDVASS, (Coventry Domestic Violence And Support Services), Recovery Partnership, Teenage pregnancy prevention agencies, Youth Offending, Probation, Local and national charities, Social care, Local housing department, Social landlords, Supported accommodation providers, Health professionals, Schools, Colleges, Training providers, Mental health services, Counselling services, Food bank, Coventry Homefinder 

Other Services available for all young people we support

  • Drop in, sign-posting services and telephone advice
  • Computers for young people in receipt of our services to use to perform job searches or apply for Benefits. We can offer additional support where needed.
  • C card distribution, chlamydia testing and free contraception for young people who register with this service
  • 24/7 ‘on call’ service for current clients

Our Approach

We offer a young person centred approach in line with St Basils strategic priority of ‘Young people first’. Their needs guide the support we offer, it is not about us taking control but about empowering the young person to build bridges and gain skills for themselves so that they can bring about positive changes in their own lives.


Referrals for this service are taken via Coventry City Council. If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness or know someone that is please call 02476 834025.

New location

Please note we have moved and are now (as of December 2016) based at:

St Basils
John Sinclair House
Canal Basin



The Vision of Nightstop is that ‘no young person should sleep in an unsafe place, ever’.

"Hosts" in the local community who have a spare room can help us ensure young people in crisis have somewhere safe to stay at night. Accommodation is offered on a night by night basis and Hosts can reclaim £25 in expenses. This service aims to replace the use of B&Bs which can be lonely and frightening places for vulnerable young people. 

For more information or to apply to be a Host for either Coventry Nightstop or Coventry Supported Lodgings please click on the button below:


‘Home2Home’ is a Supported Lodgings service for vulnerable but 'low risk'  16-21 year olds. This service aims to provide a stepping stone to independence for young people who are leaving Care or due to bereavement or other issues don't yet have the skills to live independently. Members of the public in Coventry or surrounding areas (eg. Warwickshire) who have a spare room are invited to apply to us to become a "Host". Although there are financial rewards of at least £120 - £160 a week, we are looking for Hosts who really care about and want to help the young person and feel it will be rewarding in other ways. For more information please see: and


other ways you can help us

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