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How your donations help us

Here are some examples of what your money will help us provide:

£4 buys stationery items to help a young person engage in workshops and Life Skills programmes.

£4 buys a young person a travel card for a day to attend training and interviews.

£10 buys a young person a pair of new shoes for interviews.

£15 buys an emergency food pack for a young person entering emergency accommodation.

£20 buys trousers and a smart shirt for an interview.

£25 buys a set of single bedding for a young person moving into their own accommodation.

£50 will help fund a study kit or specialist clothing & equipment for a young person starting training or college course.

£80 will fund a day's emergency duty response to homelessness crisis.

£150 will provide a young person with a starter pack of essential items needed for living independently, such as cutlery, kettle, etc...

£250 will buy a new bed for a young person at one of our supported accommodation schemes.

£450 will enable one young person to complete an OCN accredited Life Skills programme.

£500 will provide literacy and numeracy training for up to 8 young people.

£500 will provide up to 6 Family Mediation sessions for one family.

£2000 sponsorship will help with the running of our Annual Life Skills Awards ceremony for young people graduating from their Life Skills course.