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It doesn't matter how big or small your company is, there are so many ways you can get involved.

What can St Basils offer your company?

St Basils has partnered with many companies in this region in a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • A partnership with us places your business visibly at the heart of your community.
  • Supporting us enables you to build on your positive reputation as a socially responsible company. 
  • Working with us brings to your business lasting benefits such as staff to engaging with a different work dynamic, increasing staff motivation and morale. 
  • We will promote your partnership with us via our website and all of our social media platforms, which gives your company tangible proof of the good work you do. 
  • Our very large support from the wider business community means we can champion your support directly to all of our associated partners and supporters.


How your company can get involved. 'Make St Basils your Charity of the Year'! 

Supporting us is a brilliant way for your staff to participate in a wide range of fun activities whilst bringing about positive change within the community. Just email us at or call us on 0121 772 9614

  • A member of our fundraising team will work closely with you to develop a programme of fundraising and volunteering activities that suits your company. 
  • Your staff will benefit from delivering a successful programme of support for something outside of their 'normal' working remit. 
  • Your company will help make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of the thousands of young people we work with each year. 

Have a One-Off team building event that has a fundraising element to it

An annual company fundraising event can help bring a team together while raising funds for our vital work.
Check out our fundraising ideas!

Sign up for a St Basils organised event

See our Annual Events page.

Organise your own event with our support

Organise your own Bake Off or Bake Sale, Sleep Out or Sleep In or take part in Tomato & St. Basils Soup Week. 
Again see the Annual Events page for links throughout the year. 

We have posters and toolkits available to help you organise your event. 

Corporate donations or Sponsorship 

Make regular payments to St Basils to help us continue our award winning work to prevent youth homelessness.  We also have a pay-roll giving scheme for individuals who want to support us in this way.

Alternatively could you help us with one of our fundraising events? We are always looking for Companies willing to provide much needed supplies to support the Walk, Cycle-ride and SleepOut events we organise. Help with some of the refreshments for supporters taking part means more people can take part and helps reduce our costs considerably meaning more of what they raise will benefit the charity. By doing this for us we will ensure you are mentioned and thanked publicly through our social media and other digital platforms in the build up, during the event and afterwards.   

You can really highten your company's position as a socially responsible company with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders by publicly supporting a charity.

Donate your homepage!

Take part in our unique initiative where local businesses donate their website homepage to us for the day! Find out more >>>

Gifts in Kind and Pro-Bono work

We not only encourage companies to support us financially but also with their particular skills and knowledge.

Our Learning, Skills and Work team are always looking for companies willing to provide a one or two week work experience placement to our young residents or for similar offers. We can introduce you to that team if that is part of what you are interested in offering.    

At Christmas our staff are always on the look out for donations of treats and other small gift items that could be given to young people at their projects as a Christmas present.  Alternatively Starter Packs are needed all year round for our young residents. If you are interested in helping with Starter Packs please read the information on 'What's in a Starter Pack'

interested? WHat Next?

If you would like to discuss your companies involvement with St Basils please contact us.

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