Latest Youth Homeless Parliament report detailing views young people shared with government ministers now ready to download
22 AUG 2016

The Youth Homeless Parliament (YHP) met for their third annual meeting on 15th March 2016 in Westminster.  100 young people from across the country supported by our 9 partner agencies came together to advise Ministers of their views on key elements of government policy affecting young people.

The Full Report is now available to view and download by clicking on the picture below. 

In preparation for the event, the YHP membership had consulted and shaped their views on three key government policy areas of housing, employment opportunities and welfare support. Their views and recommendations were offered to improve policy in action, in the light of their lived experience.  Each recommendation was followed by an account from a young person of their particular experience in this area.

The contents of this report provide the detail of their contributions and the views from young people of what will work and is to be welcomed and what they think is flawed and could have dire consequences. The importance of their unique perspective should not be underestimated. YHP  provides the opportunity for those who have lived experience to contribute to the improvement and development of policy which will hopefully prevent others in the future having similar experiences.

DCLG colleagues used the opportunity to consult with YHP members on how best to improve prevention and early help and we hope that this feedback will inform any forthcoming duties around prevention.

We would like to thank the Minister for Local Government, Marcus Jones MP for listening and responding to each point made by the YHP members. 

We are at a crossroads where it is still possible to protect important lifelines for vulnerable young people and prevent young people from experiencing the dangers associated with homelessness. Young people continue to ask the key question; what changes as a result of their contributions? There is an opportunity to demonstrate when the Youth Homelessness Parliament returns in 2017 that their contributions made a real difference to some of the imminent decisions and policy actions.