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severe weather services

Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP) is initiated in Birmingham whenever there is a yellow weather warning in place or whenever temperatures have a real feel of zero degrees or below. The criteria for initiating the provision in Birmingham goes beyond the Homeless Link guidance as it uses real feel temperatures.

SWEP opens up rest rooms across our supported hostels. It is particularly aimed at the most hard to reach rough sleepers to prevent them from being out in the most severe weather. It provides a hot meal and breakfast and an opportunity to try and engage with those accessing the provision.

Access to the Severe Weather Emergency Provision is co-ordinated by Midland Heart, who deliver our commissioned outreach service. This service is known as HOST (Homeless Outreach Service Team). The SWEP can be accessed in the following ways:

1. Via the HOST – anyone (Elected Members; partners and members of the public) can refer individuals to this service by:

· Phone 07483 981912

· Website: ( You can use this website to send an alert to HOST about a rough sleeper. The first time you use this website you will need to create an account. This takes approx. 30 seconds and it is easy to use.