Young people get involved in project at Solihull scheme to create new garden furniture from scratch
29 OCT 2016

Earlier this month staff at our Solihull supported accommodation scheme, Mildenhall House, got the young residents involved in a project to create their own garden furniture after their old donated furniture became unsafe to use.

The staff collected pallets donated by the local community and got the young residents involved in the opportunity to learn some hands-on DIY skills, as well as impacting on and having pride in their environment.

The young people sanded down the pallets, sawed them into parts then hammered them back together with nails to create seats and a table and also creosoted the furniture so that it can be left outside over the winter.  

The next stage of the project will be learning to make some cushions to go on the furniture, again offering the young people the opportunity to widen their practical abilities, so that the furniture will be ready to use in the spring.