Young Person Story - Meet Chris.
16 OCT 2017

Meet Chris, 19, A St Basils resident.

Chris came to St Basils just over a year ago when his Aunt decided to move to Staffordshire, however Chris seen Birmingham as his home and didn’t want to move away from friends & family. This left Chris homeless.

After coming through St Basils Chris was placed in emergency accommodation where he stayed for 3 months before being placed in a supported accommodation.

‘One of the first things St Basils did for me was introduce me to my LSW (Learning, Skills and Work) worker who helped figure out a 5 year plan. I decided I wanted to be a PE teacher and so we worked on what I needed to do to become one. Next thing I was enrolling for college to get my Maths and English GCSE. I also decided to do Health and Social Care as it interested me. I am currently in the process of doing this and I’m loving it. After I have these I will be applying to go to college then hopefully university’

Chris also plays a massive part helping here at St Basils. Chris took part in our work placement gaining knowledge, skills and experience in producing our newsletter and leaflets for the youth hub. As well Chris often speaks to many of our big supporters and speaks in front of large numbers of people. On World homeless day Chris spoke in front of 300 of our young people!!

Although there are many positives of Chris coming through St Basils there are still a number of barriers that Chris is finding difficult.

‘Although I’m at college and working towards my 5 year goal, I have to do my college course part time, so over 11 hours a week rather than full time as I would lose my benefits meaning that I can’t pay my rent, electric or afford to eat! I don’t think it’s fair but at the same time I am extremely grateful. I would also love to have a part time job, like many of my friends, so I can earn a few pounds however again, that would affect my benefits so it’s just not worth it.’

Chris is becoming very independent and will soon be looking to move into his own flat, after graduating from our life skills programme 2017.

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