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Co-opted Director 

Kyle Palmer

A former resident and now a volunteer peer mentor Kyle has been associated with St Basils since 2014 and became a Co-opted Director in September 2018. From the very beginning Kyle has shown a willingness to get involved and because of this was given the opportunity to present St Basils GP Charter to the Board of Directors of the NHS within a few short weeks of his tenancy.

Kyle was also invited by Jack Dromey along with St Basils Youth Council to the House of Commons to tackle issues young people face on a wider scale. Issues debated included changes to Housing Benefits and Zero Hours Contracts.

In 2016, alongside Birmingham’s most influential decision makers Kyle helped commission the “Pause” centre also known as Forward Thinking Birmingham.
“The mental health of our young people is just as important as housing. We need to believe in ourselves before we can change”.

He is now an active member of St Basils Youth Voice which gives young people across the country an opportunity to speak and affect positive change.
“It gives the vulnerable strength and something to believe in. They know they are helping those to come. Helping them dream of something better. A life worth living, a life that WILL make a positive difference”  

Kyle is now in the process of setting up his own business Project Go Ye the aim of which is to bridge the gap between people in need and the services that might be offered to them.
“I just want people to know they’re cared about.”

Kyle sits on the Business Support and Audit Committee.