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"We want young people to feel cared about, to have trusted support, somewhere safe, suitable and affordable to live that enables them to learn and work."

St Basils Charter

Designing out Youth Homelessness

To achieve it we need:

  • Access to quality information and advice for all young people and their families about housing options which enable them to make informed choices.
  • To use our data to target early help to those we know are most likely to be at risk.
  • Local Multi-agency single gateways (“Youth Hubs”) for those in crisis so they can get all the help they need, all on one site, when they need it.
  • A Youth Housing offer which is truly affordable and enables young people to live and study or work while receiving the support they need.
  • Employers to work with those who are not yet competitive in the job market or employment ready, but need a supportive and development experience.
  • High quality, psychologically informed accommodation and support for those with more complex needs.
  • Coaches and mentors who are there for the long term.
  • To gain young people’s opinions and feedback in developing the above.

How will we know if we’re successful?

  • No under 25s rough sleeping.
  • No 16/17 year olds or 18 – 21 care leavers being placed in bed and breakfast accommodation.
  • A Youth Housing Offer in place which underpins learning and work for all young people.
  • Young people will not need to be homeless to secure accommodation and support.
  • Youth Homeless Parliament will report on progress and impacts and hold us all to account.

"We focus on what we want to achieve not just what we want to avoid."