Basil Bytes 

Celebrating Amanda Amass

30th Mar, 2022

Amanda has been a St Basils family member for over 20 years, supporting us in numerous ways, including fundraising, donation drives and so much more. Last year alone, Amanda liaised with our Mother & Baby unit at Trentham House, and assisted in individually asking our young people what they would like for a Christmas gift. Not just a cover-all donation- Amanda went out of her way to find out their personal interests and needs, and fulfilled them by being our very own Trentham Santa! Over the years, Amanda has acted collaboratively to donate thousands of pounds to support our vital work. 

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Appreciating Jane Nimmo

26th Feb, 2022

This month we are shedding light on a St Basils star- the one and only Jane Nimmo. Jane has been a friend of St Basils since 2004, and has raised an incredible £13,000 in total for our young people by consistently taking part in our events over a total of 18 years. Not only has Jane taken part, but she’s brought along her community too, encouraging friends, family, and work contacts to join in on the fun!

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St Basils’ Tips For Charity Runners

4th Feb, 2022

Each year thousands of amazing people run for charity. The goal of raising funds is a fantastic motivator, and nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you are running for a good cause!

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Young Person's Feedback

Other than the workshops what’s particularly helped me at St Basils is the support of the staff, particularly Employability Coach Vicky and Partnership and Progressions Officer Kash. I think they’re just really dedicated to what they’re doing

— Maria


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