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Can your business help with raffle prizes?

20th Sep, 2021

As a charity one of the main ways we can raise more funds is by hosting prize draws and raffles at our events, where members of the public taking part buy raffle tickets in the hope of winning one of the prizes on offer. The better the prizes therefore, the more tickets people will buy, and the more funds this will raise for our cause. 

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Weekly wish list

20th Sep, 2021

At the request of some of our supporters we have created this ‘wishlist’ of the items we are currently most in need of. It is updated the first week of every new month. Hope you can help!

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State sanctioned destitution for young people?

31st Aug, 2021

Many from all quarters and political perspectives are making the case to government to retain the £20 uplift in Universal Credit which has helped cushion the harshest impacts of Covid, for those not used to dependence on benefits and those who required this assistance before Covid.

For young people, it has meant much, much more.

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Young Person's Feedback

Other than the workshops what’s particularly helped me at St Basils is the support of the staff, particularly Employability Coach Vicky and Partnership and Progressions Officer Kash. I think they’re just really dedicated to what they’re doing

— Maria


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