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Meet the team

Introducing the customer facing members of our Fundraising team!

Barrie Hodge marathon picName: Barrie Hodge
Job title: Head of Fundraising and Communications

Passion/Hobby: Running miles, cycling climbs and anything that involves food.
Favourite Film : I wish I could say it was something like Citizen Kane but it is actually Police Academy.
Favourite Books: Love any sort of book that talks about a specific historical or sporting event.  Oh, and Billy Connolly’s recent book is pretty good.
Favourite food: Pizza

Why did you work for St Basils?

It’s a place that fits with my values.  I am passionate about opportunities for everyone and fairness.  St Basils represents those things and more and that’s why I am so proud to work here.

Areas of Responsibility: Responsible for managing the Fundraising and Communications teams.  Also present to businesses our vision for young people in the Midlands and making toast after our sleepouts.  (It’s a very varied job).

Pauline ClarkeName: Pauline Clarke
Job title: Business & Communities Executive

Passion/Hobby: Food, Pilates, Walking
Favourite Film: I have two – Gladiator (original, Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe). The Bodyguard – I know but I love it!
Favourite Books: Khalid Hosseini, ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and most autobiographies
Favourite food: Curry Goat, Pasta

Why did you want to work for St Basils

I’ve always been involved in my local community for as long as I can remember which is important to me and my family. I think I always had a yearning to give back and make a real difference. I’m a bit of a busybody do-gooder and all round organiser, so this role is perfect for me. St Basils is an amazing charity, doing AMAZING things to support our young people and I’m humbled to be part of the team!

Areas of responsibility

Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Leamington. Responsible for engaging and developing strong, collaborative and sustainable relationships with corporates, schools and local communities. To work as part of the fundraising team, to develop and drive fundraising initiatives to meet our Fundraising targets.

Fundraisers’ Contact Details

To contact the fundraising team please email:

Or call 0121 772 9619

Events Manager Steve RainbowName: Steve Rainbow
Job title: Events Manager

Where are you from: West Midlands
Passion/hobby: Carving things from wood with axes
Favourite film(s): Brokenhead
Favourite books: The Story of Art

Favourite food: Naga Curry

Areas of responsibility: Managing events


Events team’s contact details

Barrie and Steve form the Events team.

To make contact with them please email: or call 0121 772 9614