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Ordinary Director

Raj Ram

Royal Television Society Winner, Raj is a freelance TV producer with over 20 years’ experience working with all the major broadcasters and with some of the UK’s biggest names.

It was whilst working in the documentary department of Central Television that he first encountered the brilliant work of St. Basil’s and fronted a 30-minute documentary focussing on the work of the charity.

Raj has also stepped into the world of education using his industry experience and contacts to help provide students with a unique perspective on the world of work by partnering with external clients. Working in Birmingham schools and colleges, he is committed to promoting the wider challenges surrounding youth education and homelessness. He is passionate in recognising diversity issues amongst young people and empowering them to gain the necessary life skills to access employment.

He has also run his own business in the hospitality sector building a successful brand which went on to win several industry accolades.

Raj is delighted to have joined the St Basil’s board in Dec 2020 and is fully committed to helping young people fully reach their full potential and fulfil their ambitions.