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Basils Summer Holiday

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Basils Summer Holiday

Basil Bear, our fundraising mascot, has been making the rounds on our social media over his summer holidays. Going on a 2023 holiday? Bring Basil!

Concerts, festivals, the Tour de France- he’s been all over Europe over the years. He’s even had his caricature done!

The fun doesn’t stop here- we want Basil Bear to travel all over the world.

Want your very own Basil Bear travel companion?


Buy a Basil Bear for £10 by donating £10 to us via Enthuse, and take him with you on your holidays! Just write your address and “Basil Bear” in the Organisation Name field, and we’ll send your new friend right away.

Your support will help spread awareness of the work we do for young people, and help fund our vital services. 


“My Dad has had some of the most fun with Basil Bear than he’s ever had on holiday!”


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A big thanks to Karl Raw and John Paddington for their brilliant photos! More Basil pics below!