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Bromsgrove staff so proud of young person off to study Biochemistry at Russell Group University!

Staff at our Bromsgrove supported accommodation scheme would really like to congratulate one of their young residents who will be leaving imminently as she’s got a place at Manchester University to study Bio-chemistry!

Jasmin, 18, has been in Care all her life but hasn’t let such a difficult start in life hold her back in any sense. Staff tell us “she’s a very ‘switched on’ young person, full of ideas and very capable”.

Jasmin said: “I’m really excited about Uni though I’ve enjoyed living here and the staff are really supportive. Always there for a chat if you need them”.

“Biochemistry is the Chemistry of Life! It’s about all the processes that go on in your body that relate to Chemistry such as how you make energy. It is really interesting. Well I think it is anyway!”

 “I was considering Criminology but then I had a re-think as I didn’t want to waste doing Biology and Chemistry A-levels on something you don’t need specific subjects for, and I think I’m more science focused anyway.”

“The other reason I swapped to Biochemistry is I think it will give me a wider choice of Career options afterwards, I could do almost anything (Science based) with that. I think I want to go into Forensics though. I’ve always thought it would be really interesting.”

Her Support Worker Jane Jefferson said; “Jasmin has been a breath of fresh air and such an inspiration both for the young people here and the staff. We’re just so proud of her and really wish her all the best for the future.”