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Sharing success on World Youth Skills day

Basil Bytes

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Sharing success on World Youth Skills day

It’s World Youth Skills day today so we just wanted to share a young person’s recent success with you!

Our employability team and the progression coaches based at each of our services work hard with young people to build their skills and confidence.

A young person called Sophie working with progression coach Wendy through Warwickshire Floating Support requested some interview practice from St Basils Employability Team. Using Zoom and Webex Wendy, employability manager Andrew and Ian and Rob from Barclays Bank coached this young person on interview techniques and general confidence building. Thanks to the positive relationship Wendy has with Sophie, some great team work from all involved and the input of Barclay’s Bank team who have consistently been there for our young people, this was a great success.

This young person undertook her Paramedics interview on Saturday and has been offered the role, which she will start in September!

Feeling so happy for Sophie, who has really turned things around and now has both a flat and a job. Well done for all the hard work you’ve put in. We’re so chuffed it has all paid off!