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Two Keon Homes employees raise over £5000 by running 5K every day for a month

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Two Keon Homes employees raise over £5000 by running 5K every day for a month

Huge thanks and kudos to two employees, Oliver Dolman and Ben Sharp of Keon Homes who took on their own challenge to run 5K every day in April to raise over £5000 for St Basils

Keon Homes have chosen to support St Basils as their ‘Charity of the Year’, and Ben and Ollie have taken this to the next level, both running 5K every day for the month of April. They raised over £5000, completely smashing their target of £2,500!

Oliver Dolman said:

“I began getting into my running about 3 months ago just to become healthier and feel better in myself. I was about 2 months into my running when I came up with the idea of using my running to help St Basils and do a hard month of fundraising on behalf of Keon Homes.

The support we have received has been remarkable and has been the motivation for this tough month. Our supporters enabled us to raise our initial target of £1000 before we had even done our first run!”

Ben Sharp said:

“Apart from a couple of runs in lockdown, I’ve never been a keen runner. But when Ollie approached me with this challenge, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to push my mental and physical resilience whilst supporting an amazing charity, St Basils.

Frequent messages of support from friends, family, and colleagues along with our supporters smashing the donation targets motivated me to continuously push myself. I thought I’d have no chance after the first couple [of runs], but I’ve surprised myself. It’s amazing what your body can achieve when you push it to its limits.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported myself and Ollie on this challenge. The donations will be able to support so many people who are not as fortunate as us and are faced with homelessness. I am sure this will not be the last challenge and I am looking forward to the next one!”

Keon Homes Managing Director Richard Williams said:

“Keon Homes and The Tara Group are committed to supporting local charities and St Basils is one that’s very close to our heart. We are so proud of our Oliver Dolman and Ben Sharp for running 5k every day for the month of April for this wonderful charity and we are really grateful of the generosity shown by our stakeholders and the Sweeney foundation.

Sian Dhillon, St Basils Senior Business and Communities Executive said:

“Huge congratulations to Ben and Ollie for all they have achieved through this incredible challenge! 5K a day for an entire month is extremely impressive!“

You should be super proud of yourselves, especially as you have now raised over £5000! We can’t thank you enough”