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At 18, Darius was thrust out of the care system and into the world to fend for himself.

He struggled.

He ended up having to rely on the charity of friends for somewhere to stay, but he could only do that for so long.

This left him trapped. No address means no job. Luckily, he found us. We provided somewhere to live in one of our 40+ housing projects. We supported him as he earned qualifications, found a job and ultimately, his own place. This is why now, age 23, Darius looks happy.

But that smile hides a rage.

He’s raging that thousands of young people across the West Midlands are trapped like he was.

Even angrier that many of those will never escape, never be so lucky.

He’s angry that endless cuts to services leave charities to pick up the pieces of so many broken lives.

He’s angry that homelessness is still an issue. He wants you to be angry, but angry enough to do something.

Are you angry enough to help?

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