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The St Basils Walk is considered the most unique walk challenge on the events calendar because it happens in a different location every year and does not have direction markers. Each team has a map and an illustrated guide, so they have to figure out the route as they go.   

History: The first St Basils Walk Challenge was successfully held in 1998 across Dartmoor and since then locations have included the Cotswolds, Shropshire, the Lake District, Barmouth estuary and the Malverns. In the early years' the St Basils Walk Challenge was partly intended as an orienteering challenge with team's having to work out a route between checkpoints, but these days walkers are provided with a detailed route guide with directions and photos, and an OS map section to keep them on track.

Choosing a route: 
(roughly a quarter marathon distance) This shortish route is usually between 6 and 7 miles is obviously the easiest and we would recommend this for people who do not regularly walk as a hobby.
(Roughly a half marathon distance) This madium route is usually between 12 and 14 miles and is tougher but nothing regular walkers could complete.
(Roughly a full marathon distance) This long route is usually between 22 and 26 miles and is designed to be tough.
Distance: The geography of each walk location has varied tremendously over the years to include forests, mountains and moors and therefore every route distance for each annual walk is calculated using the Naismith's rule which takes terrain, path deviations and elevations into account. Every walk is different!

Teams: This is a team event (minimum team size 3 people, maximinum 6 people) and is great for companies or groups wishing to do some team building (that comes from the need to navigate your way with a map, directions and photos), to improve health and fitness whilst still raising money for St Basils - the midlands youth homelessness charity with natonal reach.

Times: Depending on fitness and group dinamic the short route should take between 3 and 4 hours, the medium route between 4 and 6 hours, and the long route between 8 and 11 hours.

Check Points: We provide fresh drinking water, energy bars and toilet facilities at each check point, so please bring a refillable water bottle with you.

Team Photo: We take this at an early check point and after the evetn we will put it online so that you can download it and share it with your friends. If you wish to have a hard copy please let us know after the event.

Dogs: are allowed unless otherwise stated and must be under control at all times.

Health & Safety: There are several Check Points staffed by marshals on route, so if anyone feels as though they can't continue we will transport them from a check point back to the start/finish point. 

Clothing: Wear appropriate clothing for a days walking over rough terrain and in changeable weather conditions. This includes worn in walking boots, thick walking socks and a change of socks, water proofs, a hat, a ruck sack, a water bottle. Plus think about bringing sun cream. Team T-shirts or fancy dress is welcomed as long as it will not effect your comfort or impede your progress. 

Fun: This event is designed to be challenging for all kinds of walker, but also fun. So if you wnat to dress up pelase feel free. We'll give a prize for the team considered the 'Best fancy dressed' on the day.

Social Media on the day: Subject to battery life and signal we will be tweeting about the event on the day via @StBasilsCharity and #StBWalk. Please tweet your thoughts, comments and photos through-out the day or after the event and we will RT when we can. You can also post photos to our Facebook page.

Photos: We will have a photographer taking photos near checkpoints on the day who like marshals will be in a St Basils High-vis jacket. We like to take photos at events as a record of the day and to help promote the next one and it also helps provide your sponsors with proof you did the whole course. We would prefer you to approach this marshal to take photos using your phones/ cameras etc rather than our checkpoint marshals. Additional 'Team photos' are taken on the day at checkpoint one and this will be the photo that will appear on your team certificates. All photos will be made available for you to download via the Walk page on our website after the event if you wish. 

Press: If you are happy for your quotes/ feeback about the day to be used in our post event publicity (including our website and enewsletter) please look out for the feedback forms available in the canteen after the event. We will make all necessary attempts to seek your permission if we want to use posed group photos taken on the day for press purposes. (If possible this will be discussed at the time, if not please make sure your contact details are clear on all forms you fill in). We always select one or two teams for pre and post event publicity so please watch out for emails from Communications Officer.

Sponsorship target: In response to emails asking about a target for sponsorship we suggest a rough target of £150 per person in the team. We understand though that if your circle of friends are students or not working this may be harder in which case simply aim to get 30 friends to sponsor you whatever they can. If you set up a Virgin Money Giving page please share the link on our facebook page or tweet it out mentioning @StBasilsCharity (and we will Re-tweet).

If you wish to speak to one of the organisers regarding this year's Walk Challenge please email or phone 0121 772 9614.